Co-own a holiday home in Costa del Sol

Costa de Sol offers gorgeous Mediterranean old towns and inland national parks with developed beach resorts. It's a coastline that caters for all tastes.

Holiday villa in a region full of sunny skies and gorgeous coastal scenery

Washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa del Sol extends along more than 150 km of coastline in the province of Malaga, in southern Spain. Its name means "Coast of the Sun" with good reason: with over 325 sunny days a year and a mild climate, this is a place with beaches to suit all tastes. 

Costa del Sol has something for everyone. Maybe all you want to do is relax, soak up the sun and forget about the pressures of everyday life. No one can blame you. But if you're after high-velocity slides in water parks, whale-watching, wildlife parks and aquariums, or a dose of culture in one of the hundreds of museums or historic castles around the region, you've come to the right place.

You will never be short of things to do and see in Costa del Sol, and there's quite a chance you'll become a part of it with numerous festivals throughout the year. And no one should forget about the food!

How could Andalucia's restaurants not be top-notch with the delicious fresh-caught seafood, locally produced fruit and veggies, and extra virgin olive oil? Tapas bars galore, Michelin-starred restaurants, and countless palate-pleasing experiences await you. 

Costa del Sol is loaded with history and proudly acknowledges its multi-layered past. It seduces visitors with its cliffs, beaches, and coves. Also, it surprises them with its stunning interior, home to villages of whitewashed houses with narrow, winding streets adorned with flowers and which conserve centuries-old traditions. With all-year-round sun, Costa del Sol is a place where you can enjoy your Christmas lunch on the beach.

Co-own a holiday home in Costa del Sol and discover all the benfits that Spain has to offer.

How to get here?

Costa del Sol holds two airports – Malaga Airport has direct flights to Europe's main cities, while Gibraltar Airport connects mainly with the UK. Flight times are around 3 hours from London and Amsterdam.

When to get here?

With over 325 sunny days a year, there’s no wrong time to come to Costa del Sol. Temperatures range from around 14° in January to 25° in August.

Activities & Experiences


You can expect numerous processions, lights, music and Flamenco shows.


Tapas bars galore, Michelin-starred restaurants, and countless palate-pleasing experiences await you.

Whale watching

Discover whales and dolphins swimming freely in their natural habitat around the coast.

Beach and watersports

With a coastline of 150km and a wide variety of beaches you will be able find your favourite one.

Nearby locations


Maximum 1 hour to the airport.


Close proximity to the sea.

Golf course

Walking distance to nearest golf courses.


Top-notch Andalucia's restaurants in walking distance.

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