About us

As entrepreneurs, we’re exploring the world through the lens of opportunities. The pandemic accelerated a few trends of the past decade – an increasing ability to work remotely, ever-accessible air travel and the sharing economy. The confluence of trends is driving the demand for second homes.

Research shows that more than 10 million European families dream about owning a second home. A detached second home is a luxury, accessible to a few lucky ones. At the same time, most second home properties are unoccupied 80% of the time.

The inability to justify purchasing and maintaining a largely unused property is a barrier to realising the dream.

We’re on a mission to democratise access to second home ownership. We offer a combination of features where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts:

  1. Property co-ownership to lower the barrier to upscale second home ownership.
  2. Stay scheduling to ensure all owners can enjoy their second homes equitably.
  3. Property management to take care of every aspect of running and maintaining the home.
  4. Stay swap to schedule stays in other fabulous homes owned by Arrilo owners.
  5. Rental management to utilise unused time and offset ownership costs.

For the past few decades, managed co-ownership (or fractional ownership) has been successfully utilised in private jet and luxury yacht space. It’s time to apply the knowledge and bring innovation to second homes.

Martynas Nikolajevas
Co-founded and exited several successful companies in finance, media, software and telecom.
Carlos Abia
Head of Sales
11 years of luxury real estate experience, including timeshares and fractional property sales.
Mindaugas Kazlauskas
Head of Partnerships
Real estate professional over 16 years of property sales experience. Built a successful brokerage network.
Aurimas Slapšys
Head of Product
After exiting his tech services business, led 4 product teams at largest fashion marketplace.

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