Accessible ownership of managed second homes

You co-own a home together with up to seven other families. All owners of Arrilo homes have access to smart stay scheduling and hands-free property management. 

Managed co-ownership the way it's meant to be

Millions of families dream about owning a second home. However, that’s considered a luxury, available only to a few lucky ones. At the same time, most high-end properties are used only up to 6 weeks a year. We see this as an opportunity to democratise access to second home ownership. This is your opportunity to gain access to a premium second home you’ve always dreamed of.


Explore our carefully curated homes and pick the one that fits your lifestyle best. Decide what share of the property you'd like to own and experience the smoothest path to second-home ownership.


We find and vet buyers, create a legal entity for each property and handle all the paperwork. Co-owners become the rightful home owners. When all property shares are sold, Arrilo doesn't own anything.


Book your next stay with your loved ones. With our scheduling app, each owner is guaranteed a stay at their home during the high and low seasons. Set aside the dates you want to rent out your villa.


Feel at home, whenever you decide to stay. For a worry-free ownership experience, our property managers will take care of the maintenance, repairs, and rent management while you’re away.

Swap stays

Go on an adventure – stay at fantastic homes by trading your stays with Arrilo owners in other fabulous locations. All done through the same app you manage stays in your own Arrilo home.

Move on

Should you decide to sell a share in your Arrilo home, just set the price and let us know. We'll list your share on our marketplace and help you find another buyer. You can sell on your own if you choose – it’s totally up to you.
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Buy your holiday home with complete trust

All you need to do is think of the home you’d like to own and we’ll take care of the rest.

Browse the listings and select the home that best suits your lifestyle. Estimate the number of shares you like to own - 1/8 gives you 44 days, 2/8 gives you 88 days, and ⅜ gives you 132 days (4.5 months).

Let us know of your decision and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll carefully select other owners, create a legal entity, and purchase the property. Eventually, we’ll sell all the shares and won’t remain as co-owners.

And if you decide that it’s not for you, you can easily sell your share after one year. You’ll set the price and keep all of the gains. You can do that on your own or if you want - we can help you.

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You only need to arrive at your second home

Arrilo is all about you and your best time here with your loved ones. You only have one thing to do: schedule a time that’s best for you, pack your bags and arrive. We take care of every aspect of running your second home. From impeccable cleaning and garden maintenance to repairs and administrative tasks. Want anything extra? Fresh flowers upon arriving, airport pick-up, a chilled bottle of wine? Just give us a shout.

Our app gives you complete control over your home. It allows you to consult all of your home’s management and ownership expenses, 24 hours a day.

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So, how much does all of this cost?

We’re always transparent and upfront about the costs as we have nothing to hide. And you have nothing to be worried about.

Initial purchase

You pay, in proportion to the number of shares you buy:

  • The price of the property
  • Acquisition Taxes & Fees - Inspections, duties, property taxes & fees
  • Arrilo service fee - co-owner aggregation & legal


You pay, in proportion to the number of shares you buy:

  • Utilities (electricity, water, internet, etc)
  • Property taxes (property tax and community fees, when applicable).
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance (cleaning, maintenance, management)
  • Arrilo service fee: €99 for 1 share / €198 for 2 shares / €297 for 3 shares.

However, if you decide to rent out some of your time, you can expect rental income to cover the majority of your yearly expenses.

Indulge in guilt-free,
fuss-free luxury

The Benefit
Luxury second home for mid-size budget
Easy to sell when desired
Confidence in home quality during each visit
Multiple locations and homes
24/7 support and property management
Flexible scheduling
Full privacy
Ability to invite friends and family at no extra cost
Equity gains upon property sale

The Arrilo App makes scheduling easy

Flexible scheduling from the convenience of wherever you may be in the world. No fixed weeks or rigid schedules.

Book the dates you want to travel.
Get access to all relevant information about your home.
Get in touch with client support and home manager.
Schedule stays in other fabulous homes owned by Arrilo owners.
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